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Broken Oath (1977)

Directed by Jeong Chang-hwa

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Lotus never had a chance. Her mother seethed with anger at being unjustly imprisoned for turning her attemped rapist into a cyclops. Mother repeatedly asked her good friend and fellow prisoner, Pickpocket, to urge Lotus to take revenge for her as an adult. Lotus is given to a monastery and grows up there, but twenty years of peace and love make no impression on Lotus, who skips classes to practice pole and sword skills. Joining forces with Pickpocket and Big Rat, Lotus gets her chance at revenge.

Length 98 minutes


Dean Shek | Corey Yuen | Yuen Wah | Sammo Hung Kam-Bo | Yuen Biao | Lam Ching-Ying | Han Ying-Chieh | Michael Chan | Yeh Fang | Wang Lai | Angela Mao | Mars | Wong Mei | Chung Fat | Yeung Wai | Tony Liu Chun-Ku | Chang Pei-Shan | Bruce Leung Siu-Lung | Lee Wan-Chung | Ha Yue | San Kuai | Chiu Hung | Sze-Ma Wah-Lung | Guan Shan | Kuo Cheng-Yu | Ho Mei