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Movies logged featuring Mars
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Armour of GodEric Tsang, Jackie Chan1986
Armour of GodEric Tsang, Jackie Chan1986
Around the World in 80 DaysFrank Coraci2004
Awaken Punch, TheFung Lung-hsiang1973
Black Tavern, TheTeddy Yip Wing-Cho1972
Broken OathJeong Chang-hwa1977
Come Drink with MeKing Hu1966
Crime StoryKirk Wong1993
Cub Tiger from Kwang Tung, TheChu Mu, Ngai Hoi-Fung1973
Dragon LordJackie Chan1982
Dragon, the Hero, TheGodfrey Ho1979
Enter the DragonRobert Clouse1973
Fist of FuryLo Wei1972
Fists and GutsLau Kar-Wing1979
Game of DeathRobert Clouse1978
Game of Death IINg See-Yuen1981
Golden SwallowChang Cheh1968
Inspector Wears Skirts, TheWellson Chin1988
Iron-Fisted Monk, TheSammo Hung1977
Knock OffTsui Hark1998
KnockaboutSammo Hung1979
Last Hurrah for ChivalryJohn Woo1979
Legend of Drunken Master, TheLiu Chia-Liang1994
Moonlight ExpressDaniel Lee1999
Mr. Nice GuySammo Hung1997
New Police StoryBenny Chan2004
Odd CoupleLau Kar-Wing1979
Once Upon a Time in China and AmericaSammo Hung1997
Operation CondorJackie Chan1991
Police StoryJackie Chan1985
Police Story 2Jackie Chan1988
Police Story 3: Super CopStanley Tong1992
Private Eyes, TheMichael Hui1976
Project AJackie Chan1983
Project A: Part IIJackie Chan1987
Revenge of the DragonJoseph Kong Hung1972
Rush HourBrett Ratner1998
Rush Hour 2Brett Ratner2001
Shanghai KnightsDavid Dobkin2003
Shaolin Plot, TheWong Fung1977
Soul Brothers of Kung FuHua Shan1977
ThunderboltGordon Chan1995
Trail, TheRonny Yu1983
Twin DragonsRingo Lam, Tsui Hark1992
Undeclared WarRingo Lam1990
Virgins of the Seven SeasKuei Chih-Hung, Ernst Hofbauer1974
Warriors TwoSammo Hung1978
Winners & SinnersSammo Hung1983
Young Master, TheJackie Chan1980