Corey Yuen

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Movies logged featuring Corey Yuen
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
14 Amazons, TheCharles Tung Shao-Yung, Cheng Kang1972
7 Grandmasters, TheJoseph Kuo1978
Battle Wizard, ThePao Hsueh-Li1977
Bodyguard from Beijing, TheCorey Yuen1994
Born InvincibleJoseph Kuo1978
Broken OathJeong Chang-hwa1977
Buddha Assassinator, TheDung Gam-Woo1980
Crystal FistHua Shan1979
Dance of the Drunk MantisYuen Woo-ping1979
Death DuelChor Yuen1977
Dragon LordJackie Chan1982
Eastern CondorsSammo Hung1987
Enforcer, TheCorey Yuen1995
Fatal Flying Guillotines, TheRaymond Lui1977
Fist of FuryLo Wei1972
Flying Guillotine IICheng Kang, Hua Shan1978
Freedom Strikes a BlowTa Huang1973
Game of Death IINg See-Yuen1981
HapkidoWong Fung1972
Heart of DragonSammo Hung1985
HeroCorey Yuen1997
Hero of the WildChi Chang1977
High RiskWong Jing1995
Himalayan, TheWong Fung1976
Hitman in the Hand of BuddhaPark Yun-Kyo, Hwang Jang-Lee1981
Hitman in the Hand of BuddhaPark Yun-Kyo, Hwang Jang-Lee1981
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese CourtesanChor Yuen1972
Invincible Armour, TheLee Doo-yong, Ng See-Yuen1977
Magic Blade, TheChor Yuen1976
Man from Hong Kong, TheBrian Trenchard-Smith1975
Master, TheTsui Hark1992
Master of Kung Fu, TheHo Meng-Hua1973
Millionaires' Express, TheSammo Hung1986
Mr. Vampire IIIRicky Lau1987
None But the BraveLo Wei1973
Oily Maniac, TheHo Meng-Hua1976
Raid, TheChing Siu-Tung, Tsui Hark1991
Righting WrongsCorey Yuen1986
She Shoots StraightCorey Yuen1990
Soul Brothers of Kung FuHua Shan1977
Soul of the SwordHua Shan1978
ThunderboltGordon Chan1995
Tournament, TheWong Fung1974
Vengeful Beauty, TheHo Meng-Hua1978
Yes, Madam!Corey Yuen1985
Zu: Warriors from the Magic MountainTsui Hark1983