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Fulci for Fake (2019)

Directed by Simone Scafidi

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«Fulci for Fake» is the first biopic on Lucio Fulci. Lucio Fulci is an enigma. The mystery that surrounds Fulci is linked in part to his personal life. The director only rarely spoke about himself in interviews. But he did let his experience be reflected in his films. The setting of the film sees Nicola, a successful actor, agree to play the part of Lucio Fulci in a biopic on the director. Nicola will ask himself probing questions about the real nature of a man who, in his own lifetime, had already rewritten his biography.

Length 92 minutes


Paolo Malco | Lucio Fulci | Berenice Sparano | Sergio Salvati | Fabio Frizzi | Enrico Vanzina | Michele Soavi | Nicola Nocella | Davide Pulici | Camilla Fulci | Antonella Fulci | Sandro Bitetto | Martina Troni | Michele Romagnoli