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A Killer's Blues (1989)

Directed by Raymond Lee

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Fourteen years ago, Wai Yat Ming (Ti Lung) went to the US to settle affairs for triad boss Sun (Bao Fang), but ended up in prison. Finally free again, Wai wants to start over with his girlfriend (Olivia Cheng) and adopted daughter (Fennie Yuen), but he finds it hard with Sun’s feuding son and nephew, Kit (Mark Cheng) and Chong (Roy Cheung), constantly raising trouble in the gang. Seeing his own misguided past in them, Wai fruitlessly tries to guide them in the right direction. He eventually decides to make a clean break and leave Hong Kong, but Sun’s sudden death pulls him back into the violence of the underworld.

Length 92 minutes


Ti Lung | Olivia Cheng Man-Nga | Roy Cheung | Mark Cheng | Lo Lieh | Wang Hsieh | Timothy Zao | Bao Fang | Fennie Yuen | Bau Hon-Lam | Terrence Fok Shui-Wa