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Average Rating: 6/10

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The Spiritual Boxer (1975)

Directed by Liu Chia-Liang

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Wang Yu plays Hsiao Chien, a con artist vagabond who uses his kung fu skills and parlor tricks to convince superstitious villagers that he can use his body as a vessel for angry gods. However, when the villagers are threatened by a hostile force, Chien must learn to use his skills to protect the innocent.

Length 98 minutes


Simon Yam | Lin Chen-Chi | Eric Tsang | Liu Chia-Liang | Ti Lung | Chen Kuan-Tai | Wilson Tong | Fung Hak-On | Shih Chung-Tien | Lau Kar-Wing | Yue Wong | Ku Kuan-Chung | Ngaai Fei | Chan Shen | Kong Yeung | Lee Hoi-Sang | Tin Ching | Wong Ching-Ho | Ng Hong-Sang | Chin Chun | Keung Hon | Shum Lo | Teresa Ha Ping | Lee Sau-Kei | Chan Mei-Hua | Gam Tin-Chue | Ting Tung