The Sci-Fi Puzzle List

A list comprised of all the movies represented in a 1000 piece puzzle my wife and I put together recently.

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Movies on The Sci-Fi Puzzle List List
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
Plan 9 from Outer SpaceEdward D. Wood Jr.1959NoN/A
Not of This EarthRoger Corman1957NoN/A
The Screaming SkullAlex Nicol1958NoN/A
The Brain That Wouldn't DieJoseph Green1962NoN/A
Attack of the 50 Foot WomanNathan H. Juran1958Yes06/16/2011
The Mole PeopleVirgil W. Vogel1956Yes10/31/2021
Earth vs. the SpiderBert I. Gordon1958NoN/A
The Creature Walks Among UsJohn Sherwood1956Yes10/29/2019
The MummyKarl Freund1932Yes10/01/2022
The Brain EatersBruno VeSota1958NoN/A