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Seen on: 11/23/2013

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Amer (2009)

Directed by Bruno Forzani, Hélène Cattet


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Searing memories and carnal desires rule the mind of Ana, a young woman in thrall to her own fantasies whose visions and obsessions draw her toward deeper eroticism—and deeper danger, in this modern take on a Giallo.

Rated NR | Length 90 minutes


Yves Fostier | Benjamin Guyot | Charles Forzani | Béatrice Butler | Jean Secq | François Cognard | Thomas Bonzani | Biancamaria D'Amato | Bernard Marbaix | Harry Cleven | Jean-Michel Vovk | Charlotte Eugène-Guibbaud | Cassandra Forêt | Delphine Brual | Marie Bos

Viewing Notes

Amazing sound design coupled with equally amazing cinematography makes Amer a standout. If I’d have seen this before seeing The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears at Fantastic Fest, I’d have been even more excited to see it.

Amer has a lot of tense eroticism with next to no nudity, which is an amazing feat in and of itself.

I really need to own both this and Strange Colour on Bluray.


5 years ago

I was gonna ask you if ended up buying it. I def want the Blu b/c the DVD PQ wasn’t so hot. Hoping it looks better on Blu. Can’t wait for Strange Colour to get released!!

5 years ago

I finally decided to just rent it from Netflix on DVD, but would love to own it on Blu. And once again, the soundtrack is amazing. Since I don’t think either film has had a proper CD soundtrack release, I think I’ll just try to track down the songs individually at some point. I think for the most part they’re older Morricone and other Italian composer pieces from previous films.