Apostate, programmer, open sourcer, Git enthusiast; Cubs fan, Japanese toy collector; motorcycle rider, movie fanatic; father of two, husband of one. Creator of MovieLogr. Currently residing in beautiful Colorado.

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08/20/2017When Animals Dream
08/20/2017Jack & Diane
08/20/2017The Transfiguration
08/19/2017Lady Bloodfight
08/19/2017Scanners II: The New Order
08/19/2017Fat City
08/18/2017The Fate of the Furious
08/18/2017Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
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ViewsMovie TitleYear
7Mad Max: Fury Road2015
5The Raid2011
5Kill Bill: Vol. 12003
5Black Hawk Down2001
5Battle: Los Angeles2011
4Rogue One: A Star Wars Story2016
4Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015
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Fantastic Fest 20170 of 240%
City Series: Chicago12 of 3633%
City Series: San Francisco13 of 2650%
City Series: New York City25 of 5545%
City Series: Los Angeles15 of 3839%
Overlook Film Festival - 20174 of 1724%
Shaw Brothers Studio Films35 of 17820%
Venom Mob16 of 3152%
Telluride Horror Show 20167 of 1839%
MovieLogr's 31 Days of Horror 201631 of 31100%
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06/26/201708/31/201750 Years of Hitchcock
02/07/201703/21/2017Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens
11/02/201611/13/2016Denver Film Festival 2016
09/22/201609/29/2016Fantastic Fest 2016
08/18/201608/21/2016Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival 2016
11/04/201511/15/2015Denver Film Festival 2015
10/01/201510/04/2015Mile High Horror Film Festival 2015
09/24/201510/01/2015Fantastic Fest 2015
09/06/201509/06/2016The Meg Foster Appreciation Project
04/30/201505/03/2015Stanley Film Festival 2015

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