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Seen on: 01/25/2017, 11/11/2011 (rewatch)

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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson

Science Fiction | Horror | Action

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In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

Rated R | Length 97 minutes


Fulvio Cecere | Ray Olubowale | Christopher Kano | Norman Yeung | Spencer Locke | Sienna Guillory | Tatsuya Goke | Boris Kodjoe | Sergio Peris-Mencheta | Shawn Roberts | Kim Coates | Kacey Clarke | Ali Larter | Wentworth Miller | Milla Jovovich

Viewing Notes

My least favorite of the films; very derivative of THE MATRIX action scenes and just flimsy and gimmicky all around. On the other hand, the sound mix really made good use of my surround sound system.


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