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Rating: 2 stars


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Seen on: 08/11/2019

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Girls with Balls (2019)

Directed by Olivier Afonso

Horror | Comedy

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All girls volley ball team The Falcons end up stranded in the middle of nowhere after their mini-van breaks down. Little do they know they landed in degenerate hunters’ territory and the hunt is on. Thus begins a very long night where they must run for their lives and test their team spirit. But the girls are more resourceful than it appears. In the heart of the forest, the tables are about to turn between hunter and hunted…

Length 77 minutes


Artus | Manon Azem | Louise Blachère | Tiphaine Daviot | Margot Dufrene | Anne-Solenne Hatte | Camille Razat | Dany Verissimo-Petit | Denis Lavant | Orelsan | Mathieu Madénian | Thomas Vandenberghe | Guillaume Canet | Joffrey Verbruggen | Alex Moreu Garriga | Tony Corvillo | Fermí Herrero | Oriol Ramis | Albert Boira | Inti Canibal

Viewing Notes

Easily the stupidest movie I’ve watched all year. The urge to discard this half way (or less) through was strong. I’m dumber for having watched this.


3 years ago

And it was a Fantastic Fest selection?!

3 years ago

I know! So happy I skipped it at FF.