The Thing (1982)

Directed by John Carpenter

Horror | Science Fiction

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Members of an American scientific research outpost in Antarctica find themselves battling a parasitic alien organism capable of perfectly imitating its victims. They soon discover that this task will be harder than they thought, as they don’t know which members of the team have already been assimilated and their paranoia threatens to tear them apart.

Rated R | Length 109 minutes


Kurt Russell | Keith David | Wilford Brimley | T. K. Carter | David Clennon | Richard Dysart | Charles Hallahan | Peter Maloney | Richard Masur | Donald Moffat | Joel Polis | Thomas G. Waites | Norbert Weisser | Larry J. Franco | Nate Irwin | William Zeman | Adrienne Barbeau | John Carpenter | Jed

Viewing Notes

So great to see this in a theater with a sold out crowd! I noticed some new things like the fact that Doc has a nose ring!


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