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Rating: 7 stars


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Seen on: 09/07/2020, 04/23/2011 (rewatch)

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Fade to Black (1980)

Directed by Vernon Zimmerman

Horror | Crime

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Eric Binford watches a lot of movies. He is the truest definition of a film geek. One day, his sanity takes a turn for the worse and he begins acting out his favorite scenes from the movies. In doing so, he manages to involve his enemies and the scenes usually result in death.

Rated R | Length 102 minutes


Mickey Rourke | Kathy Griffin | Norman Burton | Dennis Christopher | David Daniels | Tim Thomerson | Peter Horton | Morgan Paull | John Steadman | Marcie Barkin | Marilyn Staley | Linda Kerridge | James Luisi | Gwynne Gilford | Eve Brent | Sharon Sharth | Melinda O. Fee | Teddi Siddall | Sharon McCreedy | Hennen Chambers | Bob Drew | Anita Converse | Al Tafoya | Clyde Primm | Gilbert Lawrence Kaan | Bill Stack | Gregory Sage | J.K. Wiley | Peggy Kaye

Viewing Notes

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen this (c’mon, can we get a remastered Blu of this already?!) so it was a treat to watch it again. Glad Shudder added this.

Back in 1980 when this came out I wouldn’t have seen as many of the movies it pays homage to, so it was fun to catch all the references and bits of movie memorabilia strewn throughout the film.

IIRC the last time I saw this was probably for a movie night back in Illinois with Jay.


1 month ago

Yep we watched the grey market dvd I have. I’m stoked to see a (hopefully) much better transfer via Shudder! Definitely needs a proper release… maybe now it will get one since shudder was able to nab it?

1 month ago

I hope so! And the transfer on Shudder is pretty nice so you should definitely check it out!