Kenneth Tsang

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Movies logged featuring Kenneth Tsang
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
Bare-Footed Kid, TheJohnnie To1993Yes02/03/2017
Peking Opera BluesTsui Hark1986Yes08/26/2014
Awaken Punch, TheFung Lung-hsiang1973Yes03/08/2014
Angel TerminatorsWai Lit1992Yes09/09/2013
Better Tomorrow, AJohn Woo1986Yes04/03/2010
Touch, ThePeter Pau2002Yes04/07/2013
Rush Hour 2Brett Ratner2001Yes09/18/2002
Replacement Killers, TheAntoine Fuqua1998Yes10/02/1999
Killer, TheJohn Woo1989Yes05/22/2009
Police Story 3: SupercopStanley Tong1992Yes08/22/2012