Kinetic Visions: The Students of Hasumi Shigehiko

Hasumi Shigehiko (1932-present) is one of the most influential critics and theorists of Japanese Cinema. Emerging at the film journal Cinema 69 at the end of the 1960s, he would go on to become one of the dominant critical voices of Japanese Film Criticism in the 1970s and 1980s, write numerous theoretical books on film form and experience, and become one of the founders of Film Studies as an academic discipline at RikkyŨ University and later Tokyo University.

Hasumi’s students include numerous influential Japanese film scholars such as Yomota Inuhiko and Chika Kinoshita, as well as a long list of influential genre and art-house filmmakers, including: Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Aoyama Shinji, Nakata Hideo, Suo Masayuki, Shiota Akihiko, Shinozaki Makoto, Manda Kunitoshi, and Hori Teiichi. Their work includes films that were popular both in Japan and internationally (such as The Ring [1998], Shall We Dance? [1996], and Pulse [2001]), and esoteric art films that are rarely screened in North America (such as Okaeri [1995], Eureka [2000], and Harmful Insect [2001]).

With this series,  we are exploring Hasumi’s influence and legacy on his students, and in looking at the ways that his theoretical work on cinema manifests itself in their films. We hope to bring attention to the close relationship between theory and practice in contemporary Japanese cinema, and to promote the work of several unsung great films and filmmakers of Japanese cinema alongside the more famous work of their former classmates.

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Movies logged during Kinetic Visions: The Students of Hasumi Shigehiko
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedViewed On
PulseKiyoshi Kurosawa200104/07/2019
Harmful InsectAkihiko Shiota200104/09/2019
Journey to the ShoreKiyoshi Kurosawa201504/10/2019
Before We VanishKiyoshi Kurosawa201705/01/2019
CureKiyoshi Kurosawa199705/05/2019
EurekaShinji Aoyama200005/12/2019
Welcome HomeMakoto Shinozaki199505/19/2019
SharingMakoto Shinozaki201405/19/2019
ChaosHideo Nakata200005/22/2019
Dark WaterHideo Nakata200205/29/2019