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TCM military academy train

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Seen on: 11/05/2016

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The Major and the Minor (1942)

Directed by Billy Wilder

Comedy | Romance

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Susan Applegate, tired of New York after one year and twenty-five jobs, decides to return to her home town. Discovering she hasn’t enough money for the train fare, Susan disguises herself as a twelve-year-old and travels for half the price. Caught out by the conductors, she hides in the compartment of Major Philip Kirby, a military school instructor who takes the “child” under his wing.

Rated G | Length 100 minutes


Tom Dugan | Edward Fielding | Ray Milland | Norma Varden | Edward Peil Sr. | Ginger Rogers | Richard Fiske | Will Wright | Stanley Andrews | Rita Johnson | Charles Smith | Frankie Thomas | Robert Benchley | Edmund Mortimer | Dell Henderson | Archie Twitchell | William Newell | Mary Field | Diana Lynn | Milton Kibbee | Byron Shores | Raymond Roe | Bess Flowers | Emory Parnell | Marie Blake | Shirley Jean Rickert | Ralph Brooks | Freddie Mercer | Aldrich Bowker | Larry Nunn | Billy Dawson | Lela Rogers | Ken Lundy | Carlotta Jelm | Billy Ray | Boyd Irwin | James Conaty | Bert Stevens | Sam Harris | Leota Lorraine | Payne B. Johnson | Vangie Beilby | Ethel Clayton | Gretl Dupont | George Anderson | Jay Eaton | Carl M. Leviness | Gloria Williams | Jack Lindquist | Alice Keating | David McKim | William Roy | Lynda Grey | Carl R. Botefuhr | Ralph Gilliam | Bill Clauson | Dick Chandlee | Bradley Hail | John Bogden | Stanley Desmond | Kenneth Grant | Stephen Kirchner | Buster Nichols | Billy O'Kelly | Jim Pilcher | Don Wilmot

Viewing Notes

Didn’t realize this was a Billy Wilder flick and his first feature at that. Fairly absurd plot as I cannot imagine anyone believing that a 30 year old woman could pass for a 12 year old girl but it does make for some good comedy esp. being set at a military academy. All the boys hitting on her is good stuff. Ginger Rogers is really great here too.


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