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Japan hitman arms dealer tku-tv car chase

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Seen on: 05/03/2019, 08/17/2018

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Ironfinger (1965)

Directed by Jun Fukuda

Action | Adventure | Crime

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After being mistaken for an Interpol agent, a man who was just supposed to go on vacation gets mixed up in a war between two gangs intent on winning the favor of a notorious arms dealer.

Length 101 minutes


Mie Hama | Akira Takarada | Chôtarô Tôgin | Tôru Ibuki | Akihiko Hirata | Sachio Sakai | Susumu Kurobe | Jun Tatara | Mike Danine | Ichirô Arishima | Shigeki Ishida | Yasuzô Ogawa | Hatsue Tonooka | Kôji Iwamoto | Naoya Kusakawa | Wataru Sunaga

Viewing Notes

So happy to finally see this. Goofy crime action adventure with Akira Takarada as the lead. I love that and having Mie Hama as his lovely sidekick. It’s loosey goosey but really fun watching the cat & mouse game w/all these characters. Almost plays like a cartoon or even a Lupin the 3rd anime where things don’t quite add up but it doesn’t matter because it’s a short cut to the action/story. Like when Yumi (Mie Hama) sees Andy (Takarada) being put in the trunk as she’s taking a shower then cut to next scene where the car arrives at an airfield and Yumi is right behind them. Like how did she get dressed and out the door fast enough to follow the car that had already left when she was still in the shower? IT DOESNT MATTER

So goofy.

Now I wish DKU had programmed Golden Eye, the sequel to this so I could watch it. If these are still owned by Janus / Criterion in the US I wish they would release them to home video.


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