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House (1977)

Directed by Nobuhiko Ōbayashi

Horror | Comedy

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Hoping to find a sense of connection to her late mother, Gorgeous takes a trip to the country to visit her aunt at their ancestral house. She invites her six friends, Prof, Melody, Mac, Fantasy, Kung Fu, and Sweet, to join her. The girls soon discover that there is more to the old house than meets the eye.

Length 88 minutes


Tomokazu Miura | Kimiko Ikegami | Kumiko Ohba | Yôko Minamida | Ai Matsubara | Miki Jinbo | Masayo Miyako | Mieko Satoh | Eriko Tanaka | Kiyoko Tsuji | Haruko Wanibuchi | Mitsutoshi Ishigami | Shôichi Hirose | Fumi Dan | Kazuo Satsuya | Yasumasa Ônishi | Asei Kobayashi | Kiyohiko Ozaki | Saho Sasazawa | Chigumi Ôbayashi | Godiego

Viewing Notes

RIP Nobuhiko Obayashi
January 9, 1938 - April 10, 2020

Sadly we lost Obayashi sensei yesterday. Wanted to celebrate his life and contribution to weird cinema so I popped this in, which I’m always game to watch bc it’s so damn entertaining and totally bananas. We really lost a true auteur. Hoping to check out more of his films this year (still very happy that DKUTV programmed a couple of his classroom films earlier this year).


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