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City Lights (1931)

Directed by Charlie Chaplin

Comedy | Drama | Romance

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City Lights is the first silent film that Charlie Chaplin directed after he established himself with sound accompanied films. The film is about a penniless man who falls in love with a flower girl.

Rated G | Length 87 minutes


Robert Parrish | Charlie Chaplin | Virginia Cherrill | Florence Lee | Harry Myers | Al Ernest Garcia | Hank Mann | Henry Bergman | Albert Austin | John Rand | Jean Harlow | Tiny Ward | Austen Jewell | W.C. Robinson | James Donnelly | Stanhope Wheatcroft | Eddie Baker | Tom Dempsey | Buster Brodie | Jeanne Carpenter | Robert Graves | Ray Erlenborn | Florence Wix | Willie Keeler | Cy Slocum | Tony Stabenau | Charles Hammond | Mark Strong | Joseph Herrick | Granville Redmond

Viewing Notes

Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931) was a blindspot I sought to correct. And it’s everything and then some. The tramp saves a rich drunkard from committing suicide and instantly becomes his drunk buddy. That’s to say, the wealthy douchebag only remembers the tramp when he’s drunk. During this friendship the tramp gets involved with a blind girl and attempts to earn money for her that includes a riotous amateur boxing match. Highly recommended for the obvious.


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