MovieLogr's 31 Days of Horror 2017

A list created by sensoria

Movielogr’s official 31 days of horror list for the month of October, 2017. This year we’re mostly focusing on movies we own on Blu-Ray or that are available on streaming platform Shudder (with a few RedBox rentals, etc. snuck in here and there). There are more than 31 because we’ll be doing some horror movie nights in our home theater and will be playing multiple movies on those days.

Movies on MovieLogr's 31 Days of Horror 2017 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1RawJulia Ducournau2017
2Beyond the Black RainbowPanos Cosmatos2010
3Burial GroundAndrea Bianchi1981
4Vanishing WavesKristina Buožytė2012
5SplinterToby Wilkins2008
6Beware! The BlobLarry Hagman1972
7JawsSteven Spielberg1975
8The BabadookJennifer Kent2014
9CarrieBrian De Palma1976
10The HowlingJoe Dante1981
11Here Comes the DevilAdrián García Bogliano2012
12JenniferBrice Mack1978
13It FollowsDavid Robert Mitchell2014
14The MaskJulian Roffman1961
15The Night Evelyn Came Out of the GraveEmilio Miraglia1971
16Nightmare CityUmberto Lenzi1980
17DemonsLamberto Bava1985
18Demons 2Lamberto Bava1986
19The House of the DevilTi West2009
20The OrphanageJ. A. Bayona2007
21LifeforceTobe Hooper1985
22The Red Queen Kills Seven TimesEmilio Miraglia1972
23Late PhasesAdrián García Bogliano2014
24ContaminationLuigi Cozzi1980
25Pan's LabyrinthGuillermo del Toro2006
26The RuinsCarter Smith2008
27The Strange Color of Your Body's TearsBruno Forzani, Hélène Cattet2013
28Prince of DarknessJohn Carpenter1987
29They LiveJohn Carpenter1988
30We Are Still HereTed Geoghegan2015
31Re-AnimatorStuart Gordon1985
32Taste the Blood of DraculaPeter Sasdy1970
33The ThingMatthijs van Heijningen Jr.2011
34The ThingJohn Carpenter1982
35Under the SkinJonathan Glazer2014
36Maniac CopWilliam Lustig1988
37The WitchRobert Eggers2016
38The MistFrank Darabont2007
39The Autopsy of Jane DoeAndré Øvredal2016
40An American Werewolf in LondonJohn Landis1981
41You're NextAdam Wingard2011
42Night of the Living DeadGeorge A. Romero1968
43Evil DeadFede Alvarez2013
44HalloweenJohn Carpenter1978