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The Angry Guest (1972)

Directed by Chang Cheh

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The Angry Guest is a direct sequel to Duel of Fists which had two long-separated brothers, Ti Lung and David Chiang, reuniting in Bangkok and running afoul of the local mob after Ti Lung, a boxer, beats the local favorite in the ring. In this film, the action shifts from Bangkok to Hong Kong to Japan and then back to HK as the brothers contend with a Japanese mob led by crime boss Yamaguchi, who is played by the film’s director, Chang Cheh, in a rare screen appearance.

Length 89 minutes


David Chiang | Ti Lung | Ching Li | Yasuaki Kurata | Chang Cheh | Fong Yan-Ji | Sing Chen | Ku Chiu-Chin | Bolo Yeung | Law Lok-Lam | Woo Wai | Gai Yuen | Lee Pang-Fei | Leung Seung-Wan | Yau Ming | Wang Kuang-Yu | Wu Chi-Chin | Lau Gong | Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan | Huang Ha