David Chiang

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Movies logged featuring David Chiang
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Adventurers, TheRingo Lam1995
All Men Are BrothersWu Ma, Chang Cheh1975
Angry Guest, TheChang Cheh1972
Anonymous Heroes, TheChang Cheh1971
Blood BrothersChang Cheh1973
Boxer from Shantung, ThePao Hsueh-Li, Chang Cheh1972
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu ManiaSandy Oliveri1992
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong KongIan Taylor2003
Dead EndChang Cheh1969
Deadly Duo, TheChang Cheh1971
Death DuelChor Yuen1977
Duel, TheChang Cheh1971
Duel of FistsChang Cheh1971
ElectionJohnnie To2005
Five Shaolin MastersChang Cheh1974
Flying Dagger, TheChang Cheh1969
Four RidersChang Cheh1972
Golden SwallowChang Cheh1968
Have Sword, Will TravelChang Cheh1969
Heaven and HellChang Cheh1980
Heroic Ones, TheChang Cheh1970
Invincible Fist, TheChang Cheh1969
King EagleChang Cheh1971
Kung Fu JungleTeddy Chan2014
Kung Fu JungleTeddy Chan2014
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, TheChang Cheh, Roy Ward Baker1974
Magnificent WanderersChang Cheh1977
New One-Armed Swordsman, TheChang Cheh1971
Once Upon a Time in China IITsui Hark1992
One Armed Swordsmen, TheJimmy Wang Yu, David Chiang1976
Pirate, TheWu Ma, Pao Hsueh-Li, Chang Cheh1973
Return of the One-Armed SwordsmanChang Cheh1969
Savage Five, TheChang Cheh1974
Shaolin AbbotHo Meng-Hua1979
Shaolin Fighters vs. NinjaTaylor Wong1981
Shaolin Hand LockHo Meng-Hua1978
Shaolin MantisLiu Chia-Liang1978
Shaolin TempleChang Cheh1976
Twin DragonsRingo Lam, Tsui Hark1992
Vengeance!Chang Cheh1970
Wandering Swordsman, TheChang Cheh1970
Water Margin, TheWu Ma, Pao Hsueh-Li, Chang Cheh1972
Yes, Madam!Corey Yuen1985