It Chapter Two (2019)

Directed by Andy Muschietti


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27 years after overcoming the malevolent supernatural entity Pennywise, the former members of the Losers’ Club, who have grown up and moved away from Derry, are brought back together by a devastating phone call.

Rated R | Length 169 minutes


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Viewing Notes

Pretty flat throughout with very few highs or lows. As others have commented, the adult versions of these characters are much less interesting and so I wasn’t really invested in them anymore. Was this an issue with the original version of IT as well? I should probably watch it because of Tim Curry.

I really wanted a lot more out of Chastain’s character and was very disappointed that she was never really invested with the power of her younger self.

And goddamn WHAT THE FUCK is it with people talking in the fucking theater lately?! Maybe I need to stop going to these mid-morning shows because it’s happened twice at those recently. At any rate our whole row was full of people chattering. At least they were doing it quietly for the most part but it was still distracting. And they were all obviously Stephen King stans because they all seemed to know the source material.

I thought THE THING nod was unnecessary and distracting.

I did like the closed theater and video rental store as subtle (not so subtle?) reminders that you cannot reclaim the past; it is forever gone. Other than that, and the opening scene, Derry as an integral part of the story just doesn’t seem to exisit. It felt like a cardboard cutout.


8 months ago

Yep, agree with all of this. Derry was definitely a non-factor in this and the geography was confusing (unlike most of the previous film maybe because the kids bicycle/walk everywhere thru the town?).

Definitely appreciate doing daytime screenings on weekdays to avoid talkers and other distractions. Did the IMAX and chose a seat I knew would give me some distance from others for a 3pm Friday showing. And it was perfect. However, it was the opposite for my Tuesday matinee of LUCE at Village Crossing Skokie where it’s all old people all the time during the daytime showings. Old couple in front of me asking each other questions throughout. At least 4 people walked out around 45 minutes into it. But par for the course at that theater.

Happy to not have to do evening showtimes most of the time but had no choice for the Midsommar DC and since it was the only screening at 7pm and was nearly sold out so I had people on both sides. Was pretty good except for a couple one seat over to my left who were quietly talking for most of the movie. Couldn’t hear what they were saying but still distracting.

8 months ago

I mean I’m half deaf and can’t make out what people are saying most of the time but just the talking is annoying! Stupid people!

I think you’re spot on with the bike/walk stuff as a means of mapping the town and being able to place the characters within it.