1917 (2019)

Directed by Sam Mendes

War | Drama

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At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers.

Rated R | Length 119 minutes


Daniel Mays | Mark Strong | Colin Firth | Richard McCabe | Adrian Scarborough | Michael Jibson | Michael Rouse | Richard Dempsey | Benedict Cumberbatch | Andrew Scott | George MacKay | Justin Edwards | Pip Carter | Richard Madden | Jack Shalloo | Gerran Howell | Jos Slovick | Dean-Charles Chapman | John Hollingworth | Jonah Russell | Robert Maaser | Daniel Attwell | Phil Cheadle | Andy Apollo | Josef Davies | Paul Tinto | Billy Postlethwaite | Chris Walley | Kye Mckee | Jacob James Beswick | Merlin Leonhardt | Nabhaan Rizwan | Tommy French | Ryan Nolan | Adam Hugill | Jonny Lavelle | Gabriel Akuwudike | Luke Hornsby | Jamie Parker | Claire Duburcq | Anson Boon | Elliot Edusah | Kenny Fullwood | Spike Leighton | Bogdan Kumshatsky | Ian Wilson | Benjamin Adams | Elliot Baxter | Ivy-I Macnamara | Taddeo Kufus | Joe Mendes | Bradley Connor | Samson Cox-Vinell | Kieran Geary

Viewing Notes

It’s great to see a movie that achieves something technically excellent, in this case a series of really long takes, but does so in a way that helps to service and further the story. The long takes through the trenches and tunnels really helped to establish the context and viewpoint of the characters. It created a level of tension and illuminated the gritty, horrific minor details of war in a way that’s not been done before.

The German bunker/rat scene scared the holy living shit out of our packed audience. My brain registered what was going to happen about a half second before it did. The lady next to me jumped a good foot out of her seat!

There was so much tension, and a pervasive sense of dread, throughout the movie that even in the scenes where nothing happened, you felt drained after just because you were expecting something to happen.

Getting two great movies released the same week is a pretty rich gift. Glad I saw both this and UNDERWATER on opening weekend. I honestly can’t stop thinking about either one of them and want to revisit them both immediately!

This will certainly go on my short list of enduringly excellent war movies. I’m pretty sure Gavin and I will go see this again in IMAX this week.


2 years ago

That bunker/rat scene is so great. We didn’t have a packed screening (it was an afternoon showing) but I could still hear those around me gasp. Normally I’m not a fan of that persistent uneasiness but it really works here to amp up the tension for the entire runtime. Like, it’s already shot in a manner to put you right in the middle of it but it really adds another dimension that reminded me of watching you play MoHA back in the day… you didn’t know what was gonna happen next.

What really struck me was how this movie really gets to the humanity of situation which I felt was missing from Dunkirk, which left me a bit cold. Still a great movie in its own right but this film really brings the circumstances down to level that had me invested in the mission. Powerful stuff that still has me thinking about the movie and filmmaking days later.

2 years ago

Agreed. I don’t understand people who are saying it has nothing political/moral to say about war either.