The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960)

Directed by Fritz Lang

Crime | Mystery | Thriller

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A reporter is murdered while driving to his job. The Police are contacted by a clairvoyant who saw the death in a vision, but some dark force is preventing him from seeing the man behind the crime…

Length 99 minutes


Peter van Eyck | Gert Fröbe | Howard Vernon | Wolfgang Preiss | Wolfgang Völz | Dieter Hallervorden | Renate Küster | Werner Peters | Reinhard Kolldehoff | Christiane Maybach | Andrea Checchi | Hans W. Hamacher | Bruno W. Pantel | Albert Bessler | Egon Vogel | Dawn Addams | Linda Sini | David Cameron | Nico Pepe | Jean-Jacques Delbo | Werner Buttler | Rolf Weih | Maria Milde | Rolf Möbius | Marielouise Nagel

Viewing Notes

Only available on Blu-ray as a region locked disc from Eureka. I’ll definitely buy this once I get off my lazy ass and order a region free Blu-ray player.

Pretty fun, twisty crime mystery that acts as a bookend on Lang’s Dr. Mabuse films and the last film he directed. Not as good as his silent film DR. MABUSE THE GAMBLER, perhaps because the running time is too short to allow everything a little more room to breath, but still entertaining.


2 years ago

Huh thought I had seen this but not logged here. Maybe I viewed it before we were logging religiously. Anyways Eureka has a lot of excellent titles and they put out a good product. I’ve bought many off their sale pages for cheap. Those plus their Masters of Cinema releases are very much worth having an all region player. (Of course that’s just them; there’s also 88, BFI, Arrow and others but you already know that ;)

2 years ago

I know, I don’t know why I keep putting off buying a player! Probably to stop myself from ordering even more goddamn discs.

This feels like your kind of movie so I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen it before.