100 Greatest Eastern Films (2018)

The website “Eastern Film Fans” is collecting the top 100 favorite HK/Chinese films to make their crowdsourced list of the best films. This is very similar to what LoveHKfilm did a few years ago. This is my working list that I will submit to them before the March 31, 2018 deadline.

Total WIP for the time being so I can throw favorites in here as they come up. Funny how predictable the first 40-50 are bc they really are the best films.

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Movies on 100 Greatest Eastern Films (2018) List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
1The KillerJohn Woo1989Yes05/22/2009
2Hard BoiledJohn Woo1992Yes03/05/2017
3The Five VenomsChang Cheh1978Yes06/23/2014
4Drunken MasterYuen Woo-ping1978Yes01/21/2015
5Police StoryJackie Chan1985Yes06/30/2013
6Police Story 2Jackie Chan1988Yes07/05/2013
7HeroZhang Yimou2002Yes09/05/2004
8Once Upon a Time in ChinaTsui Hark1991NoN/A
9Once Upon a Time in China IITsui Hark1992NoN/A
10Fist of LegendGordon Chan1994Yes03/01/2013