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The Deadly Duo (1971)

Directed by Chang Cheh

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The plot involves patriots during the Sung Dynasty and their attempts to rescue a kidnapped prince from Ching troops who have invaded the north of China. The patriots are led by Ti Lung who recruits a mysterious but seemingly superhuman fighter played by David Chiang to find a way to cross a perilous bridge to enter an impregnable fortress to locate and rescue the imprisoned prince.

Length 94 minutes


David Chiang | Ti Lung | Ku Feng | Wong Chung | Sing Chen | Stanley Fung | Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan | Wang Kuang-Yu | Cheng Lui | Jin Bong-jin | Lau Gong | Yeung Chak-Lam | Bolo Yeung | Wong Pau-Gei | Lau Kar-Wing | Danny Lee Sau-Yin