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The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974)

Directed by Chang Cheh, Roy Ward Baker

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Professor Van Helsing had been asked to help against the tyranny of skeletal creatures that are responsible for terror and death amongst the peasants in rural China. He is the only person qualified to deal with the cause of these phenomena, for the undead are controlled by the most diabolical force of all…. Count Dracula. But he is not alone- to aid him comes a mystical brotherhood of seven martial arts warriors.

Rated R | Length 89 minutes


Peter Cushing | David Chiang | Julie Ege | Robin Stewart | Shih Szu | John Forbes-Robertson | Chan Shen | Robert Hanna | Tsan-Hsi Ma | Lau Kar-Wing | Pei Chi Huang | Tino Wong Cheung | Wynn Lau | Ho Kei-Cheong | Wang Han-Chen | Lau Wai-Ling | Hsu Hsia