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G-Fest Pickwick Japan Kaiju RonP ShannonS

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Seen on: 07/29/2020, 07/13/2019, 03/12/2018, 07/15/2016, 12/21/2013, 07/27/2012, 07/06/2007 (rewatch)

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King Kong Escapes (1967)

Directed by Ishirō Honda

Science Fiction | Fantasy

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King Kong is brought in by the evil Dr. Who to dig for Element X in a mine when the robot Mechani-Kong is unable to do the task. This leads to the machine and the real Kong engaging in a tremendous battle atop Tokyo Tower.

Rated G | Length 104 minutes


Mie Hama | Rhodes Reason | Akira Takarada | Andrew Hughes | Yoshifumi Tajima | Tôru Ibuki | Ikio Sawamura | Sachio Sakai | Seishirô Kuno | Kazuo Suzuki | Susumu Kurobe | Ryuji Kita | Osman Yusuf | Linda Miller | Hideyo Amamoto | Nadao Kirino | Tadashi Okabe | Haruo Nakajima | Shôichi Hirose | Naoya Kusakawa | Yasuhisa Tsutsumi | Yû Sekita | Kei Taguchi | Akiko Santo

Viewing Notes

Met up with Ron and Shannon for a G-Fest screening at Pickwick in Park Ridge. Sadly this is only film we would be able to see for the event. But if it had to be only one I’m glad it was this movie, which is one of my all-time favorite kaiju films. It’s not a particularly great movie but I was enamored with this movie as a child and watched so many times it was imprinted on me. So happy to see it projected on the big screen all these years later. Even better seeing it with friends in a packed theater full of Kaiju fans.


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