101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

A list created by sleestakk

A pocket book from Apple Press in a series of “101 movies you must see” books. My library has all of them so I felt like creating a list for this one. I may do the cult movies book next. Listed in the order they are presented in the book (earliest to newest). Altho I can’t seem to add Fritz Lang’s M so only 100 for now. For the record, I’ve logged 91 of the 100.

These lists are rarely perfect and this one is no exception. Not including THE THING is a huge omission that most would agree. ALIEN is another that should be here but I’m guessing they felt that that was more sci-fi but we all know it’s a slasher on a spaceship. Also interesting choice to select Evil Dead II over the original. Otherwise this is a decent Horror 101 list.

Movies on 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, TheRobert Wiene1920
2Golem: How He Came into the World, ThePaul Wegener, Carl Boese1920
3NosferatuF.W. Murnau1922
4HäxanBenjamin Christensen1922
5Phantom of the Opera, TheRupert Julian, Lon Chaney, Edward Sedgwick, Ernst Laemmle1925
6DraculaKarl Freund, Tod Browning1931
7FrankensteinJames Whale1931
8Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeRouben Mamoulian1931
9FreaksTod Browning1932
10VampyrCarl Theodor Dreyer1932
11White ZombieVictor Halperin1932
12Old Dark House, TheJames Whale1932
13Island of Lost SoulsErle C. Kenton1932
14King KongMerian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack1933
15Black Cat, TheEdgar G. Ulmer1934
16Bride of FrankensteinJames Whale1935
17Wolf Man, TheGeorge Waggner1941
18Cat PeopleJacques Tourneur1942
19I Walked with a ZombieJacques Tourneur1943
20DiaboliqueHenri-Georges Clouzot1955
21Bad Seed, TheMervyn LeRoy1956
22Curse of Frankenstein, TheTerence Fisher1957
23DraculaTerence Fisher1958
24Tingler, TheWilliam Castle1959
25Eyes Without a FaceGeorges Franju1960
26Peeping TomMichael Powell1960
27PsychoAlfred Hitchcock1960
28Black SundayMario Bava1960
29Innocents, TheJack Clayton1961
30Carnival of SoulsHerk Harvey1962
31What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?Robert Aldrich1962
32Birds, TheAlfred Hitchcock1963
33Haunting, TheRobert Wise1963
34OnibabaKaneto Shindō1964
35Masque of the Red Death, TheRoger Corman1964
36RepulsionRoman Polanski1965
37ViyGeorgiy Kropachyov, Konstantin Ershov1967
38Hour of the WolfIngmar Bergman1968
39Rosemary's BabyRoman Polanski1968
40Devil Rides Out, TheTerence Fisher1968
41Night of the Living DeadGeorge A. Romero1968
42Valerie and Her Week of WondersJaromil Jireš1970
43Abominable Dr. Phibes, TheRobert Fuest1971
44Daughters of DarknessHarry Kümel1971
45BlaculaWilliam Crain1972
46Last House on the Left, TheWes Craven1972
47Don't Look NowNicolas Roeg1973
48Exorcist, TheWilliam Friedkin1973
49Wicker Man, TheRobin Hardy1973
50Dead of NightBob Clark1974
51Texas Chain Saw Massacre, TheTobe Hooper1974
52Deep RedDario Argento1975
53JawsSteven Spielberg1975
54Omen, TheRichard Donner1976
55CarrieBrian De Palma1976
56SuspiriaDario Argento1977
57EraserheadDavid Lynch1978
58Hills Have Eyes, TheWes Craven1977
59Dawn of the DeadGeorge A. Romero1978
60HalloweenJohn Carpenter1978
61Nosferatu the VampyreWerner Herzog1979
62PhantasmDon Coscarelli1979
63Brood, TheDavid Cronenberg1979
64Cannibal HolocaustRuggero Deodato1980
65Friday the 13thSean S. Cunningham1980
66Shining, TheStanley Kubrick1980
67Dressed to KillBrian De Palma1980
68Howling, TheJoe Dante1981
69Beyond, TheLucio Fulci1981
70American Werewolf in London, AnJohn Landis1981
71PoltergeistTobe Hooper1982
72Hunger, TheTony Scott1983
73Nightmare on Elm Street, AWes Craven1984
74Re-AnimatorStuart Gordon1985
75Fly, TheDavid Cronenberg1986
76Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerJohn McNaughton1986
77Evil Dead IISam Raimi1987
78Chinese Ghost Story, AChing Siu-Tung1987
79HellraiserClive Barker1987
80Vanishing, TheGeorge Sluizer1988
81Silence of the Lambs, TheJonathan Demme1991
82Man Bites DogBenoît Poelvoorde, Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel1992
83CandymanBernard Rose1992
84Bram Stoker's DraculaFrancis Ford Coppola1992
85Cemetery ManMichele Soavi1994
86ScreamWes Craven1996
87RingHideo Nakata1998
88Blair Witch Project, TheDaniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez1999
89Sixth Sense, TheM. Night Shyamalan1999
90AuditionTakashi Miike1999
91Devil's Backbone, TheGuillermo del Toro2001
92Others, TheAlejandro Amenábar2001
9328 Days LaterDanny Boyle2002
94Tale of Two Sisters, AKim Jee-woon2003
95High TensionAlexandre Aja2003
96SawJames Wan2004
97Descent, TheNeil Marshall2005
98Orphanage, TheJ. A. Bayona2007
99Let the Right One InTomas Alfredson2008
100It FollowsDavid Robert Mitchell2015