12 Days of Christmas (2019)

So last year I didn’t do a Christmas event as did in the previous four years (12 Days and Advent Calendar). Not sure why I decided against it last year but I had the itch to do it this year but didn’t want to commit to the 25 days in Advent so this 12 Days is a good compromise. Also not certain if I will see a Xmas film on C.Eve or C.Day since I’ll be visiting my family in RC.

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Movies logged during 12 Days of Christmas (2019)
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedViewed On
WeihnachtRoland Klick196312/31/2019
The Thin ManW.S. Van Dyke193412/16/2019
Susan Slept HereFrank Tashlin195412/15/2019
The Silent PartnerDaryl Duke197812/20/2019
Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2Lee Harry198712/13/2019
Santa CompanyKenji Itoso201412/12/2019
Repeat PerformanceAlfred L. Werker194712/28/2019
Olaf's Frozen AdventureStevie Wermers, Kevin Deters201712/27/2019
National Lampoon's Christmas VacationJeremiah S. Chechik198912/11/2019
A Nasty Piece of WorkCharles Hood201912/10/2019